AMARI Scholarships for Doctoral Study


African Mental Health Research Initiative (AMARI)

Scholarships for Doctoral Study (Public Mental Health)

The overall goal of AMARI is to build an Africa-led network of mental, neurological and substance use researchers in Ethiopia, Malawi, South Africa and Zimbabwe, who are equipped to lead high quality mental health research programmes that meet the needs of their countries.

Purpose: The AMARI fellowships funded by the UK Wellcome Trust have been established to provide support for two PhD students to join the team in the Centre for Public Mental Health, in the Department of Psychiatry & Mental Health at the University of Cape Town. Although the topic is of the successful Fellows choice, AMARI aims to a sustainable career pipeline for these researchers with emphasis on integrating MNS research into existing programmes such as HIV/AIDS, maternal and child health.

Conditions: The successful incumbent will be required to:

  • Register for full-time study at the Centre for Public Mental Health in the Department of Psychiatry & Mental Health at the University of Cape Town
  • Comply with the University’s approved policies, procedures and practises for the postgraduate sector

Successful candidates will not be permitted to be on salaried/full-time employment concurrently. No service will be required in return of the award.

Value & Tenure of Fellowship: The value of the Fellowship is R300 000 per year and includes funding of R250 000 to carry out the intended research.  Although the tenure of the fellowships are for 3 years, satisfactory academic progress must be evidence for continued registration.

Academic Criteria:  Applicants require a prior master’s degree in a foundational discipline relevant to public mental health (e.g. psychology, public health). Applicants should have strong interpersonal skills, and be able to work in a collaborative fashion as part of a multi­disciplinary team.

Application Requirements: Interested applicants should contact Dr. Katherine Sorsdahl at for an application package.

Click here to view the application form. 

Deadline for Applications:  31 August 2016

The University of Cape Town reserves the right: To disqualify ineligible, incomplete and/or inappropriate applications, to change the conditions of award, and/ or to make no awards at all.