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Innovations & Learnings from PRIME - Integrating Mental Health into Primary Healthcare in LMICs

On 8 March 2019 PRIME hosted a morning event in London to share the research findings and recommendations developed after completing 8 years of research in its five study countries.

Our speakers discussed how the PRIME team developed, implemented, scaled up and evaluated district-level mental healthcare plans in Ethiopia, India, Nepal, South Africa and Uganda.

A service provider working with PRIME in Nepal and a policy maker involved with PRIME in Uganda also shared their experiences.

Other highlights included Dr Juliet Nakku discussing how her team aimed to address maternal mental health challenges in their district. Prof Mark Jordans from PRIME Nepal spoke about the novel community informant detection tool that his team developed to encouraging mental health service uptake in their district.

Five of PRIME's PhD students ended the event with rapid-fire presentations on their research. All the sessions were followed by a lively question and discussion session.



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